Indiana Lions Foundation, Inc.
Matching Grant Application


  1. The project must be a Lions project. For instance, if your club takes on the project of funding equipment for the local fire department and raises funds from projects, grant applications and solicitations in the Lions Club’s name, the application will be considered. It will not be considered if the request is for a grant to be given as a part of the fire department solicitation.

  2. Grants will not be given for the direct benefit of any one individual.

  3. To assist 400 clubs and 10,000+ Lions, we encourage not more than one grant per Lions year per organization.

  4. The applying Lions Clbu must give direct financial support to the project.

  5. Grants are to match Lions organization funds up to $1000.00

  6. Club operation and routine maintenance expenses are not eligible for a grant; Capital Expenditures will be considered. The grant may be used for initial start-up costs and associated expenses for the purchase of equipment, real estate, or improvements to real estate.

  7. A club must be in good standing with the District, State, and Lions Clubs International.

  8. For the complete Foundation Matching Grant overview download the attached Foundation Matching Grant criterion.

We encourage organizations that receive a grant to assist the Indiana Lions Foundation Inc by one or more of the following:


Name of Lions Club making the request


Project Title

Amount requested (max of $1000):
Contact Person:
Email Address:
Federal EIN:

Briefly describe the project

Select file to attach for additional project information (optional):

Reason for the project (Present the problems or needs that are to be met and how the project will meet those problems or needs.)


Proposed budget Break down the total budget into specific items that are detailed and as accurate as possible (equipment, salaries, rent, supplies, etc). A narrative description should precede the itemized budget, explaining budget figures that are not self-explanatory or that are unusual. Any significant donations or matching funds should also be noted. Would a Foundation Grant assist you in receiving other matching funds? Attach additional sheets if necessary.A project budget is mandatory.

Select file to attach for budget information

Total project cost

Has your organization or this project previously received a grant from the Indiana Lions Foundation?
Yes No      If yes, what year?

To the applicant: In making this application, the Lion agrees to accept responsibility for the conduct of this project. The applicant also agrees to make a six (6) month report within (1) year of the receipt of the grant. The applicant also agrees to furnish a photo of the completed project and authorizes the picture's use for publicity purposes. No further Grant requests for this Club will be considered until these conditions have been met.

By typing my name below, I acknowledge that I have actual knowledge of the contents of this form and I understand the requirements and further agree that this is valid and can be used as my signature.

Signature of Authorized Officer  Date:  July 6 2022

One of the criteria for an Indiana Lions Foundation Grant is that the Club is in good standing with the District and all financial obligations with the District, State, and Lions Clubs International are current.

I hereby acknowledge and verify that my District Governor is aware of this project and funds request and that the above conditions have been met.

Name of District Governor Date:  July 6 2022